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I started yoga with Cheryl in Spring 2008, initially starting with her evening classes and then the Saturday workshops and the Sunday Ashtanga classes.

I could feel the difference immediately!

Cheryl is great at varying the classes and adapting the routine to fit each of our body's capabilities, so it really does feel like 1:2:1 tuition.

My personal favourite is the Ashtanga class on a Sunday which sets me up for the day.

I just wish I had been recommended Cheryl sooner and had the opportunity to attend her Friday classes more often.

Selena James - May 2013

I started Cheryl’s yoga class last October as my osteopath recommended that yoga would help my stiff neck and shoulders.

Since starting the class I haven’t had to go back to the osteopath – it has truly helped the tension in my neck and shoulders and really helped my posture.

Moreover, Cheryl’s classes are always really varied, with something for everyone, are fun, relaxing and completely time for yourself!  I can’t wait to go every Wednesday.

Fran Pittaway - March 2009


I have found Cheryl's private tuition invaluable in helping me reconnect with yoga and myself. The benefits in releasing my tense body and mind are enormous and last well beyond the actual session.  I would, without hesitation, recommend her professionalism and kindness to anyone interested in yoga tuition.

Heather Barrett


I started attending Cheryl's yoga classes over a year ago.  I love it and really miss it if I can’t go along one week.  Although everyone in the class is at different levels, Cheryl is very good at ensuring that we go at our own speed – challenging the more able whilst checking that no-one is over doing it. 

Cheryl is a very calm person and runs a great relaxation session at the end of each class. I find that I come away feeling so relaxed and refreshed. I would recommend Cheryl’s yoga classes to anyone.

Julie Gil


I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and a year ago I was extremely stiff and had very bad posture. Then Cheryl came to my rescue. Cheryl has given me one to one classes.

When I first started classes, I had to sit in a chair and was doing gentle exercises, but now I do not use the chair at all and have learnt a Yoga sequence. Cheryl has helped me tremendously.

My posture is much better and I am suppler. This could not have happened without brilliant teaching by a very patient Cheryl.

Jane Moloney


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